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Hi, my name is Danny and I am a Sports Nutritionist and Coach.

My 10 years of training experience has seen me participate and compete in various sports and disciplines, from rugby, to bodybuilding, and powerlifting.

While using this time I have also educated myself on building muscle, getting strong, and effective nutrition strategies.

How have I used all of this knowledge?

I have now helped 100’s of people achieve their dream physique and improve their knowledge and relationship with food.

I have helped people get ready for photoshoots.

I have helped people with busy lifestyles.

I have helped people with absolutely no experience in the gym whatsoever.

My goal is to help you achieve your dream physique while allowing you to eat the foods you enjoy, and still live your life.


Are you fed up with restrictive diets? Are you frustrated at your lack of progress no matter what you do? Would you like an approach that takes into account your busy schedule and supplements your lifestyle, not restricts it? Do you still want to enjoy social occasions and events and eat the food you enjoy?

My approach with every client is not just to get them the results they want, but to give them the tools and knowledge they need to eventually be confident in managing their own diet and training. There are no restrictive eating plans and unrealistic targets here, everything I do is tailored specifically to fit in with your lifestyle and goals to make getting results easier, not harder.

  • Training and diet tailored to fit in with your lifestyle

  • Giving you the knowledge to eventually manage your own diet – lose the weight, and learn how to keep it off

  • Learn how to build muscle, and how to continue progressing into the future


Here are some of the clients I have helped to transform their physique.

Are You Ready?

Are you reading the title and thinking “Yes, that’s me” ?

Are you ready to build a physique with a plan built around your lifestyle?

Would you like to build a physique only eating the foods YOU enjoy?

And are you 100% committed to succeeding?

Then hit APPLY below and find out how I can help you build your dream physique.