Fat Loss Stopped? Here’s Why.

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Fat loss stopped and not sure where to start?

It’s frustrating I know, because I’ve been there myself.

What are the things we normally do when fat loss stops? We train more, eat less, and do more cardio.

If this doesn’t work then we usually give in and consign ourselves to a physique that’s not really lean, but not really carrying a lot of muscle either. Physiologically fat loss is a simple principle, but when dealing with an individual it can be complex and frustrating. The thing is what works for me, won’t necessarily work for you and this is where a good coach can come in to help you.

Assessing, adjusting, implementing changes and giving you an objective analysis of your progress over your time together.

Don’t have a coach?

Then below are some reasons why fat loss may have stopped for you that you may not have considered before.


Wait, what?

No, I don’t mean you have killed your metabolism and the only way to rectify it is with “cheat meals” and “refeeds”. It’s actually a lot more simple than that.

By not eating enough food you simply don’t have the energy to train hard, recover adequately, and increase your daily output to the point of being in a calorie deficit. The body is smart and if you aren’t providing it with what it needs to perform and function, it will simple try to slow you down. Without you knowing it your output drops, training is lacklustre, where you’d walk to the shop you now drive.

As a result of all of this TDEE is slashed dramatically and you are no longer in a deficit.

Fucked metabolism? I think not (although yes there will be a level of metabolic adaptation from reduced calories)


Again, not your metabolism.

You had the energy to train harder, recover better, hit your cardio with 100% intensity and you didn’t live like a slug for the other 90% of the day. If you are slow to recover, losing weight but not getting any leaner, the chances you may simply have dropped your calories too low to begin with.


But I do train hard……but do you really?

Are you really pushing yourself?

Or are you just kidding yourself?

When was the last time you trained with someone who had a much more developed physique than you? Most of the time success leaves clues, and then clue will be in the fact that they are always chasing more, that extra rep, that extra kg.

Can you say the same for yourself?

If you don’t train with people that are much further ahead than you, then I advise you seek them out and get an insight into their training philosophy and their methods. They may or may not work for you but I have learnt more from being around other people than I have trying to do it all on my own.


Heard the term skinny fat? Well this could be your problem.

When it comes to getting lean, a certain level of musculature is required to really show off what is underneath your body fat. Until you have a certain level of muscle development you just won’t achieve the “look” you desire. By putting the work into training and gaining lean muscle tissue you give yourself a lot more muscle to show off at the end of your diet.

The solution?

Increase your food, focus on your training and building lean muscle then assess your physique over the next 5-6 months. Progressive overload, and progressive eating (without getting fat) are your friends here, then take a lot at moving back into a calorie deficit to show off the brand new muscle you’ve built!


Are you someone who just eyeballs their portions and does everything by “feel”.

Intuitive eating is something of a trend at the moment and unless you’ve been focusing on nutrition for several years eating on feel and intuition will always come with a big error margin.

Or do you not weigh and track your food intake at all?

Then start!

Oh but that sounds like a lot of effort, it sounds obsessive!

Yet you can spend an hour scrolling through Instagram?

If you can consume social media on a daily basis and watch Netflix, you can take 15 minutes out of your day to learn the basics of tracking and measuring out food.

How do you know what to change if you can’t sit down and assess how much you are eating day to day?

That’s right, you can’t.


I mean you’re trying to get lean so the scales will inevitably come down at some point along the way, but if this is your only focus through your dieting phases you are setting yourself up a very drawn out, stringy looking physique.

Getting lean isn’t just about seeing the scales drop.

It’s body composition, measurements, energy levels, training performance, sleep and so much more!

These are all factors that need to be considered along the way if you have any hope of achieving an admirable physique. If your training performance is down, you’re hungry and miserable, not sleeping great, then the chances are you are cutting calories too low and only focusing on seeing the scales drop week on week.

Not lost weight one week but other factors have improved?

Have your measurements gone down and you are looking visibly leaner? Then great, why cut calories when you are progressing in so many other areas than the scale weight coming down?

It’s important to remember, fat loss doesn’t happen overnight and it isn’t just a case of reducing calories and hoping for the best as I’ve outlined above.

Most importantly, be patient!

Implement one thing at a time. Do it for a week, assess your progress and then go from there, sometimes just the smallest of changes are needed to elicit the biggest responses in your body.

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